Having trouble pitching while leading worship?

Feeling fatigue after a worship set?

Want to learn how to harmonize better as a backup vocalist in church?


Discover the freedom in your voice through learning foundations on strengthening your voice, expanding your range, improving your tone and getting rid of vocal tension and fatigue. This 5-week online worship course with 1-1 private instruction and a final online worship showcase will help you gain confidence in worship leading, whether you lead worship in your congregation in church or cell group, or sing as a backup vocalist or in the church choir. Our instructors have led worship for many years in churches locally and in the USA.


Coaching 1: Posture, Breath Support and Pitching

Coaching 2: Phonation and Vocal Registers

Coaching 3: Resonance and Tone

Coaching 4: Style, Interpretation and Choosing Keys

Coaching 5: Harmonization and Blending



5 weeks: 21 June 2020 (Sunday) - 26 July 2020 (Sunday)

1 hour coaching weekly (Fixed day and time as arranged with instructor)

Online Worship Showcase: 26 July 2020, Sunday, 4-5PM


Application deadline: 18 June 2020 (Thursday) 11.59PM 


Total Cost: SGD500 

Payment deadline: 19 June 2020 (Friday) 11.59PM

*Limited pax. Sign up ASAP!

Worship Singing Course 2020 Insta Post.p


What are the requirements?
All experience levels are welcome! You will need two devices for this course:

1. A computer/laptop device for coachings

2. Another device to play out the music from (minus one)

We will be using Zoom for all coachings. (Security precautions have been taken into account.)

Please prepare a song to sing for your instructor at the first coaching.


Please note: This worship course has a limited capacity.

You will secure your registration by paying in full.