We are Cherie and Rachel, vocalists and vocal coaches from Singapore. We met in Boston, USA in 2018, when Cherie was pursuing her Bachelors in Contemporary Writing & Production and Music Technology & Innovation at Berklee College of Music, and Rachel was pursuing her Masters in Vocal Pedagogy at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. As we bonded over our shared experiences, we realized that our passion, goals and teaching methodologies aligned. Combining our extensive performance training background, we decided to start Vine Music Studio.


Vine Music Studio is a premier vocal teaching school for students in Singapore to be under the tutelage of highly qualified instructors from top global music colleges. We are currently also offering piano lessons.


We believe our students LEARN in individual 1-1 interactive singing lessons, and GROW as a community with the Vine Collective. 


We provide personalised private instruction, specifically catered to each individual, to train and equip all vocalists in the different genres - classical, pop, mandopop, R&B, musical theatre, jazz, rock, gospel and Christian contemporary. We want you to be the best singer, artist and performer that you can be.


We will also share with you our expertise and experience on healthy vocal function, vocal fitness, performance and audition techniques, and related advice.




We believe that the Vine Collective is a safe environment for our students to have freedom of self-expression through our voices. We want to connect like-minded individuals with the same passion and drive for singing and performing, and hone their musical skills to make them the stars they're born to be. With community and a platform for performing experience, our students will grow exponentially not only musically and vocally, but also socially.


We believe in a somatic approach to teaching the voice. Healthy singing comes from a combination of having a flexible vocal mechanism and full-body engagement, allowing for greater freedom and expression. Hence, we incorporate fitness training techniques in our singing lessons. We do this not just to improve your vocal ability, but to keep our warm ups fun and engaging. We also recommend living a healthy active lifestyle - through having a regular exercise routine to train your stamina and endurance, creating a strong foundation for breath support while singing.

We know that the voice is a personal and powerful instrument, no matter the musical style, whether singing as a hobby or pursuing a professional career in the music industry. Studying with Vine Music Studio will bring your singing to the next level in musicality and ability while fueling your passion for music.